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video and audio to digital

Your Media Transfer & Duplication Specialist! Audio & Video to Digital

Alpine Media is your one-stop location for complete Video or Audio projects. For Audio and Video transfers, editing, duplication or replication of your media, and packaging for a professional finalized product, we are there to assist you. We can take any Video to Digital or Audio to Digital and put any format you desire.

Video to Digital VHS, DV, Beta, 8mm, DVCAM, ets Digitizing to DVD, Hard Drive, USB, MP4, MOV
Audio to Digital, Cassette, DATA, Reel to Reel, Vynal to CD, MP3 and other formats
Photo and Slides to Digital, Photo Scanning
8mm 16mm Film to Digital
CD & DVD Duplication,  CD & DVD Replication
CD & DVD Packaging, design & printing, Shrink Wrap
USB Services - USB Duplication

Alpine Media puts the customer first and has chosen a hands-on customized approach with each project.

Our promise to our customer is to deliver a cost effective product with quality and convenience in as short a time as possible, so that they can deliver to their client a result of which they can be proud.

We can transfer your Video to Digital and your Audio to Digital with the ouput on DVD or CD or on various types of computer files such as MP4, Quicktime, MP3 and many other digital formats.

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