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DVD/CD Packaging

Film Transfer to Digital

Packaging both aides in the presentation of your project as well as protection of the disks when it is not in use. It adds the finishing touch to give your product a professional appearance.

When duplicating a very small number of disks, we highly recommend our "PolyMailer" package. This is an unbreakable see through package that displays the disk face and is also approved by the post office as a mailer.

Of course, the most economical packaging is the white paper sleeve with a see through window.

Alpine Media can supply almost any type of DVD or CD packaging for your product you might desire.

For CDs the most popular package is the Jewel Case. It will typically have a front insert as well as tray card. The front insert may be multi-panel and in full color. The tray card typically is printed only on the back and spine and has the CD content information on it.

Also very popular for both CDs and DVDs is the cardboard sleeve or wallet. These units are custom printed with your artwork. The wallet is available with either one or multiple pockets.

For DVDs, the most popular selection is the black DVD case, with a slip sheet insert which covers both the back and the front of the case. Inside there is a location for a small booklet, as well as the disk. The case is also available in multiple disk models.


Optional Packaging

Included below some of the packages that we have available.

  • Jewel Case

  • Slim Jewel Case

  • Custom Sleeve

  • Custom Wallet

  • PolyMailer

  • Paper Sleeve

  • Mylar Sleeve

  • Black DVD Case

  • Clear DVD Case

If you don't see what you like in the above list just ask us.

Shrink Wrap

For any package, we have shrink wrapping available. This gives your final package that in-store look and the customer feels he is getting a professional product.

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