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DVD & CD Duplication/Replication

Audio Transfer to Digital

There are two methods to made copies of your original masters.


This process is commonly referred to as burning your disk. Duplication is performed by writing bit by bit from a computer to a write-able disk with a laser beam. The laser beam makes pits in the metallic coating on the blank disk which represent the data to be written.


This process involves the creation of a glass master from which a "father mold" and then a "mother mold" are created. The "mother mold" is used to "stamp" the completed disk with all the pits in a high pressure press.

Which way should you have your disk copies made? This basically boils down to two things: Cost and Time.

For orders of 500 or more disks, allow 14 days, Replication is more economical.

For orders UP to 500 Duplication is usually the most economical.

The process used for orders of 500 to 1000 will depend on your delivery time requirements.

Alpine Media has been in the duplication/replication business for over 30 years, starting with 5 1/4" single sided floppy disks.

We are equipped to duplicate CDs, AND DVDs. Duplicated disks include printing on the face of the disk.

We offer two printing options,
1. Black Thermal
2. Full Color Thermal
Black thermal print is composed of line art on a silver disk. Full color thermal is a high resolution photographic print on a white disk. We do not use the more economical inkjet process which is not waterproof.. Thermal printing gives a glossy, water and smudge proof professional looking print.

For full color prints please submit artwork at a minimum of 300 dpi. in AI, PS, JPG, or TIF formats. Fonts should be outlined in case we do not have the ones that you are using.

Replicated disk faces are either silk-screened or printed with an offset process. As a result they have a high resolution full color face.

Audio and Video Editing

Please provide us with a finalized master both for duplication and replication. If you need assistance in the generation of a master disk, we can help. We typically use Adobe Audition in audio disk preparation, and Adobe Premiere and Encore in video disk preparation. Our technicians are experienced in the use of Adobe products and well as other audio and video editing software.

Once a master is ready, we can duplication or replicate it at a very reasonable cost.. We can also finish the project with professional packaging and even fulfillment if you desire.


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