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Audio to Digital

Audio Transfer to Digital

Audio is typically transferred to CD in the standard CDA format. If raw audio is desired we can transfer it to hard disk or USB flash in an uncompressed format such as wave (uncompressed) or MP3 (compressed format) or in to almost any other audio format desired. Once your audio has been transferred to digital, it is quite economical to make more copies. Digital copies are made without any loss of quality.

Alpine Media

is your specialist in transferring audio from your vintage or even newer analog to digital.

We are equipped to transfer from the following outdated sources:.

  • Reel to Reel Tape

  • Cassette Tape

  • Micro-Cassette Tape

  • DAT (Digital Audio) Tape

  • 78 rpm Records

  • 45 rpm Records

  • LP Records

  • MP3 Files

Musicians bring in your audio and we will work with you to produce a ready to market CD package.

Audio Editing

Once audio has been captured, we have the capabilities to edit it, including removing unwanted sections, modifying amplitude, noise reduction, and many other enhancements

Vinyl Records

After digitizing data is transferred to standard CDA format, where we can add titles. These titles would also be added to the face of the CD when it is printed. Of course these files may also be transferred to MP3 files for use on your computer or a MP3 Player

Once transferred and/or edited, we can duplication or replicate your master disk at an affordable cost. We can also finish the project with professional packaging and even do fulfillment if you desire.

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