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Alpine Media opened its doors as Quality Data Systems in Phoenix, Arizona in the spring of 1984 and began by operating out of the family room in the home of its founders, Jeanne and Jerry Phipps.

After receiving her MBA in Business Management, a business acquaintance convinced Jeanne that media duplication was the wave of the future. Putting that theory to the test and risking their home, Jeanne and Jerry started Quality Data Systems with a home equity loan at a time when single sided, 5 ¼ inch floppy's were the medium of choice and CDs were but a twinkle in some engineer's eye. Both the theory and conclusion were correct and led to a business that has been around for more then 30 years.

During the first 6 years Quality Data Systems grew to be a major player in the Phoenix market. They opened their second location in Boulder Colorado in April 1991 and incorporated in 1992. The name was changed to Alpine Media Duplication in 2003 and again changed to Alpine Media in 2014 to better describe the services provided.

Over the past 30 years, as media technology has evolved, Alpine Media has evolved along with it. Alpine Media was named one of the 100 fastest growing companies in Boulder County by the Mercury 100 and the Boulder County Business Report in both 2005 & 2006. Since that time Alpine Media has move to 1644 Conestoga St., Suite #3 in Boulder.

Alpine Media has come a long way from copying single sided 5 ¼ inch floppy discs in the Phipps' family room, to the current offerings of DVD & CD Duplication & Replication, and Video Duplication. Alpine Media also offers USB Flash Duplication duplication. Other services Alpine Media offers are video and audio editing, transfer of analog media to digital, and fulfillment.


Our Business

Digital marketing using CD, DVD and USB Flash Duplication is fast becoming the most efficient, convenient, and cost effective way for businesses, organizations and individuals to convey messages, increase visibility and transmit information in today's fast paced environment. Alpine Media provides duplication and transfer services for a wide range of both linear and digital media to an extensive list of clients across the United States and has earned a reputation for excellence.

Our Clientele

Our clients consist of Fortune 500 Corporations, educational organizations, branches of government, non-profit organizations, as well as smaller, more specialized businesses such as law firms, entrepreneurs, artists, doctors, teachers, real-estate agents, retail outlets, and individuals who utilize our services for personal home use. The list of users continues to grow and both people and entities from all walks of life and various business types and sizes find an increased need and advantage to utilize our services.

At Alpine Media, we place the customer first and have chosen a hands-on customized approach with each project. Our promise to our customer is to deliver a cost effective product with quality and convenience in as short a time as possible, so that they can deliver to their client a result of which they can be proud.

Our Values

The values of Alpine Media require hard work, intelligence, flexibility, efficiency, dedication and common sense.

Integrity: To be honest, candid and fair in every aspect of our business. To acknowledge our mistakes, keep customers informed and honor our commitments.
Excellence: To achieve excellence in people, execution and innovation. To strive to hire and retain the best people possible. To set high standards of service and continuously seek incremental improvements in everything we do.
Employees: To strive to meet the needs and aspirations of our employees by treating them fairly and consistently, and by maintaining open communication with them. To foster a sense of pride in being part of a winning team and recognize and reward excellence.
Customers: To satisfy the needs of our customers with quality products and services. To listen to the customer, get involved and solve problems quickly. To make commitments with integrity and respond to specific needs and wants.
Results: To set aggressive goals and achieve them. To measure results by both quality and output - not just by effort. To do whatever it takes to get the job done.
Vision: To achieve the future through foresight and planning.


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